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Laser cutting versus plasma cutting- what’s the difference?

At Lasercut, a service of Irish Rollforming, we offer both laser and high definition plasma to easily cut sheet metal into any shape quickly and efficiently. 

The main difference between laser and plasma is the mechanism behind the cutting. Our laser machine uses a focused beam of light through fibre optics to cut all stainless steel, aluminium, and thin mild steel. Our high definition plasma machine uses electric currents and compressed gas to create extreme heat that cuts through thick steel. 

With different purposes, each machine excels at different applications. That’s why it’s important to work with a company who knows which machine will work best for your project. Here’s more about what we offer at Lasercut.

Laser Cutting Capabilities

We use the latest 6KW fibre laser technology to cut a variety of metals including stainless steel and aluminium. These metals are most often used in engineering, pharma and medical industries for applications such as aircraft engine blades, handrails, and vessels or tanks. 

Metal sheet types and cutting capabilities:

  • Mild Steel: 1.6 – 6mm (over 6mm we move to Plasma)
  • Galvanised Sheet: 0.6mm – 3mm
  • Stainless Steel: 0.6mm – 15mm
  • Aluminium: 0.6mm – 15mm

High Definition Plasma Cutting Capabilities

Mild steel is cut on our Hypertherm XPR 300 high definition plasma machine. This metal contains low carbon making it easier to weld and great for applications such as structural steel, Agri machinery, and base plates. The mild steel we provide is S275JR.

Metal sheet types and cutting capabilities:

  • Mild Steel: 1.6mm – 50mm
  • Pierce up to 50mm
  • Cut up to 80mm when leading in from the side

High-tech precision

Laser and plasma cut sheet metal with high-tech precision. First, we upload CAD drawings to the machine’s computer, which calculates the most efficient path for cutting. Many customers provide their drawings, but we can help with that by working to customer requirements. Then sensors and cameras guide the laser or plasma beam for extreme accuracy.

The beam of the laser allows for more intricate and bespoke steel cutting. We can cut and pierce up to and including 15mm steel. 

The high definition plasma machine uses true hole technology, which delivers bolt ready quality holes by eliminating taper. It can cut and bevel mild steel up to 80mm thick.

Folding and Finishing

Now the metal sheets can be finished and folded to specifications, depending on the type of metal. 

Our 220-tonne CNC press brake folding machine precisely bends the sheet in as many folds as necessary. 

Folding capabilities:

  • maximum thickness: 10mm steel
  • maximum length: 3000mm

Stainless steel metal comes in a range of finishes from dull to a high polish and even a mirror finish. The highly polished sides are covered in plastic to prevent any smudges until it arrives at its final destination.

Common applications for laser or plasma cutting

  • Structural Steel plating
  • Handrails/Balustrades/Balconies
  • Process Piping installers for Pharma/Food/Chemical industries
  • Vessel/Tank Fabrication
  • Material Handling Equipment manufacturers + installers
  • Large sign makers
  • Gates/Railings/Fencing
  • Sculptures
  • Cleanrooms + Hygiene Units
  • Rail + Railways
  • Quarrying equipment manufacture + repair
  • Electrical equipment manufacturers + installers
  • Precision Engineering – Makers of components
  • Industrial Metal Component manufacturers
  • Mechanical Contractors – Ducting/Piping/Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning/Air Handling
  • Agricultural machinery manufacturers and repairs 

…to name just a few!

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more, we would love to hear from you. We offer a uniquely personal experience based on an absolute commitment to our customers and their needs. 

We understand the demands within the commercial, industrial and agricultural industries. That is why we also carry a full range of other products including Roofing and Cladding, Purlins, Flashings, and other accessories. Our knowledgeable, professional and friendly staff can answer all of your questions and advise a complete solution to best fit your project needs. 

At Lasercut, we work hard to deliver excellent customer service, product quality, quick turnaround time and competitive pricing. We think you’ll enjoy dealing with us.

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