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7 creative ways to use roof sheeting in the garden

Turn your back garden into something special! Roofing and cladding sheets, typically used in commercial or industrial settings, are strong but affordable, making them perfect for a variety of uses.

Whether your interest is improving your garden or creating a unique remote working space, check out these beautiful uses of roofing and cladding materials.

1. Raised beds and planters

Whether a country garden or an urban back yard, growing flowers and edible plants add a touch of needed green. Raised beds make it easy to control weeds compared to in ground gardening. But what happens when wooden planter boxes rot away? Consider replacing them with a galvanised or coated sheet metal which is resistant to rot, weather, and pesky critters. The non-porous material makes them easy to sanitise when changing out the soil. Line the edges with cedar or rosewood for a cool look that naturally repels critters as well.

2. Greenhouse siding or roofing

Lengthen the growing season with a greenhouse. More lightweight than glass, clearlight corrugated Polycarbonate sheeting is durable enough to withstand weather and time. Easy to install, clearlights are a great alternative to glass. Affordable and durable, these sheets can be cut-to-size to fit cold frames large and small and do a great job of diffusing light evenly.

3. The perfect backyard picnic area

back garden gazebo for picnic

Create your own sheltered areas for outdoor picnics and family gatherings. Corrugated or box profile roof sheeting easily tops frames timber or metal frames and resists weather elements to keep you dry. Add flashings and gutters to channel the rainwater away so you can enjoy a drip-free gathering.

4. Natural lighting for a playhouse, office shed, artist studio

Upgrade an old shed into a cosy nook or office with ample natural light for reading or working. Clearlight roof sheeting overs protection from UV rays and weather. Throw in extra personal touches like hanging plants or inspiring artwork to create an oasis only steps from the house.

5. Outdoor bar

We’re all spending a lot more time in our gardens these days hosting BBQs, garden parties or family get-togethers.

So why not serve your guests in style from a garden bar? Easily created using any of our roofing and cladding products on a timber frame to withstand the harshest of weather and time.

Finish with a couple of shelves, a portable fridge or ice bucket, some stools and if you’re feeling adventurous you could even install some taps for a true bar experience.

6. Easy terrace extension

 Have you ever thought about a roof for your terrace but you don’t want to block out crucial sunlight? Then you might want to consider Clearlight Sheeting. It’s lightweight, easily cut to size. The sheets allow great light diffusion while providing excellent protection from the elements. It’s the perfect set-up for sheltering young planters or enjoying the fresh outdoors even when it’s raining!

7. BBQ covering

DIY Covered BBQ area

We all know the Irish summers aren’t exactly reliable. But don’t let the rain or bad weather spoil the fun. 

Simply covering a timber frame with our corrugated sheeting will protect you from the wind, rain and whatever else the Irish weather throws at you while you cook up a storm!

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