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All you need to know about Agri Spec

Agri Spec from Irish Rollforming is a durable sheeting used in cladding agricultural buildings from barns to grain stores. If you’re looking to build on your farm, here’s what you need to know about Agri Spec.

Grant Approved

The most important thing to know about Agri Spec from Irish Rollforming is that it’s grant approved by the Department of Agriculture. This means that the product is manufactured to the critical specifications laid down by the Department of Agriculture. So, whether you need box, corrie, or vented profiles, you can be confident in purchasing a quality product that is stamped as grant approved.

Easy to Customise

And to make your life easier, all of our Agri Spec range can be cut to your specific requirement. This ensures you get exactly the right fit for your farm building – saving you time and hard work. 

A range of box and corrugated profiles are available to suit your needs. The sheeting can be tailored with ventilated, curved or cocktail shaping

Complete your structure with a range of Clearlights sheeting to allow for natural lighting in the building. We supply a range of accessories for a sound structure.

High Spec and Long Lasting

Agri Spec from Irish Rollforming comes with a 20-year warranty and has a thicker coating which helps shield against moisture. The vented sheeting allows for natural ventilation and is the most reliable and cost-effective method available. 

Our products meet all Department of Agriculture Food and Marine requirements, providing access to natural light and creating safe working conditions and a positive environment from the point of view for animal health, preventing condensation build-up where bacteria thrive can which can cause your livestock to fall ill.

Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more, we would love to hear from you.  We try to offer a uniquely personal experience based on an absolute commitment to our customers and their needs. 

We understand the different demands of agricultural buildings. So that’s why we also carry a full range of other products including Purlins, Flashings, Insulated Panel and accessories. Our knowledgeable, professional and friendly staff can answer all of your questions and advise a complete solution to best fit your building needs. 

At Irish Rollforming, we work hard to deliver excellent customer service, product quality, quick turnaround time and competitive pricing. We think you’ll enjoy dealing with us.

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